School Prospectus

“Development is a series of rebirths. … One psychic personality ends, and another begins.
The first of these periods goes from birth to 6 years”
Maria Montessori

Magick Mushroom focuses on Phase One with three Programmes culminating in Grade ‘R’

  1. Programme One is nursing a small baby when mom goes back to work and making a safe environment for the toddler stage through to toilet training.
  2. Programme Two – Starts in toilet training at 30 months and culminates in Grade 00
  3. Programme Three – Programme Three Year is Grade ‘R’

Magick Mushroom is registered by the GED as a Grade ‘R’ site. We created Magick Mushroom School as an Environment especially designed for children from the age of 3 months to 6 years.

“A home away from home”

A Programme suited to the child’s development and potential. We base our curriculum on the Montessori Approach and work closely with the Developmental Milestone Charts. The children follow a structured Daily Routine which includes meals. We here at Magick Mushroom combine the Montessori and the traditional methods to give the tools that assist children by giving a solid foundation towards their Potential in the coming years.

The Activities below all form basis of the Montessori Curriculum and the C A P S system as recently introduced by the G E D

  • Independent Skills – Practical Life Activities
  • Communication Skills – Language and Social Activities
  • Wisdom, Insight and Knowledge – Sensorial, Mathematics and Cultural Activities
  • Creative Skills – Art Activities“I am who I am – I am the Leader of Tomorrow.”SCHOOL HOURS The school opens every morning at 06h30 and closes at 17h30 Monday to Friday. Parents are please to drop their children off by no later than 08h00. As strange as it may sound, the child has a sense of order and so the need for routine and consistency is emphasized.BREAKFAST – is served from 07h50 till 08h15 if you are dropping off your child later than 07h50 please ensure that your child has breakfast before coming to school.LATE COLLECTION The school officially opens at 06h30 everyday – no children will be allowed onto the property before 06h30. The general charge is R50-00 for late collection. Monies are due on collection or will be invoiced and payable the by the end of that week.Please ensure this person brings their ID BOOK along. Please contact the school, giving the school permission to release your child to this person their name and identity number need to be quoted.HEALTH ISSUES Please include the most recent vaccination certificate with the enrollment form. This is a Health Authority requirement for the protection of the child.SUPPLIES AND REQUIREMENTS for your childYou will be given a requirement list on Payment of Enrolment fee.At Magick Mushroom we believe that all children should be taught to have a healthy regard for the sun. As studies have indicated that skin cancer is caused in early childhood and not in adulthood, as previously believed. This is why we require hats for outside play Bigger children are not encouraged to bring personal toys as the staff cannot be held responsible for such items. Medication – Administering
  • The Staff at Magick Mushroom are under strict instructions not to administer any medication to a child unless authorized to do so by the parent or guardian of the child. Please note the following regarding medication brought to school:
  • ACCIDENTS Should any accident happen, such as when the child scratches himself/herself we will telephone you if we deem the accident to be bad and particularly so if it needs the application of medication? However, should it be a minor incident we shall record it in your child’s file and it will be written up in our incident book.
  • Toys
  • Hats
  • Please ensure that your child’s belongings are always clearly marked.
  • Change of Addresses / Telephone Numbers It is important to let the Administration office know whenever you have moved or changed numbers. Please advise us of any alternative contact numbers. It is important that we are always able to get hold of you. A cellular number and an e-mail address is always useful.
  • Your child’s safety is one of our biggest concerns.
  • COLLECTION OF CHILDREN The Staff of MAGICK MUSHROOM are under strict instructions not to allow anyone other than the parent, guardian, to collect your child from school. In event that another member of your family or a friend will be collecting your child, please be sure to notify the staff prior to the child being collected as to avoid any embarrassment or confusion.
  • FEEDBACK BOOK – Potty Learners. Each child in the pre- school is issued with a daily feedback book. These books are to be returned daily, this helps the communication process between parent and teacher.
  • MEALS At school we provide meals for the children. You are able to view the menus that are attached to the enrollment form.
  • What we Offer at Magick Mushroom Montessori ECD Centre
  • We are here to Help and Assist in any way possible in your child’s overall Development.
  1. All medication must be in its original container.
  2. Be labeled with the pharmacy label (if prescribed medication)
  3. Be in a condition that the name of the medication and the directions for use are clearly readable on the container (if non – prescription medicine).
  4. Include directions to administer the medication
  5. Medication that needs to be administered to the child needs parental written consent and will be administered as stated on the label direction or amended by written notice by the general practitioner or pediatrician.
  6. All medication needs to be written in the medication register.

We ask that all families respect our other families by not sending ill children to school. Should you do so we will be forced to ask you to collect your child again.

MONTESSORI PHILOSOPHY Reading material is available to parents on line for those who are interested in learning more about the Montessori Approach. We will be presenting parental workshops throughout the year to introduce some of the philosophy to the parents. Other workshops will include Discipline, Nutrition, Developmental Milestones and lots more. This way we keep the parent informed about the changes in education and we as a school are here to help the parent in any way with the development of their child/children. A strong support structure.

SCHOOL FEES All Enrolments are to be accompanied by the annual registration fee. We cannot process your child’s details without the registration fee. A month’s fee is to be paid in advance with the enrollment fee. There are three sections to Magick Mushroom E C D Centre: The Creche: The Pre-School for children thirty months to four years and the Grade ‘R’ for children preparing for formal school and Grade 1. Please ensure you receive the correct enrolment information and price for the age of your child. Banking details for EFT payments are available on registration and enrollment

AFTERCARE Half day children that need to stay late on a particular day for unforeseen circumstances. The parent is please to let the school know in advance.

NOTICE One full month’s written notice is required before withdrawing your child from Magick Mushroom except in the fourth term when a full term’s notice is required.


The Staff at Magick Mushroom understand the love and care that goes into looking after your child at Our School. They take their responsibility seriously and understand the importance of the levels of development. Through their guidance, care and attention they will ensure that your child receives the best.

“We adults are conscious that we have a will; and when we want to learn something we deliberately set about it. But there is no consciousness in a small child, no will: both have yet to be created”
Maria Montessori