The Covid Catch-up Workshop

As Teacher Jenny discusses in the video, we have a traffic jam in the Foundation Phase where the Grade R’s from last year have missed the critical practical process of Grade R due to lockdown, and are being moved into Grade 1, and the new grade R’s are also needing to do this process.

The Grade 1’s are stuck and have to “Catch-up” so that they can progress further in their education. The impact of this is not only felt in Grade R & Grade 1 but throughout the Foundation Phase up to Grade 3 and onwards.

The purpose of the Foundation phase is to get the child reading with confidence and working independently. Problems here can often be felt all through the child’s education and even into later life, hence the term “Foundation”.

The trick with this catch-up process though, as Teacher Jenny explains, is that not all children have the same “pothole” in their process, each child is unique and needs different things, and that’s where things get complicated. Parents and teachers need to be able to assess and guide their children through the potholes and this is where the Covid Catch-up Workshop focuses.

The impact of missing the Grade R physical process
  • struggling to read and comprehend
  • loose interest in learning
  • try avoid school, some children even make themselves sick so they can avoid it
  • avoid responsibilities
  • continued dependence on people helping them
  • general decline in their performance
  • general comprehension decline

The interesting thing that most people miss about the foundation phase is that it carried through the child’s whole life, and often revisiting the processes here can sort out difficulties at any age.

Basic Course Outline

The workshop is aimed at teachers in the ECD Foundation Phase and parents with children in this phase to assist both teachers and parents in assessing and correcting the “potholes” the child is stumbling over.

Day One

The first day covers the theoretical and practical processes used in assessing and correcting the “potholes” the child maybe struggling with.


Ongoing Support & Guidance

The Faciltator is available for one on one guidance sessions. The Course cost includes:

  • Ongoing email support
  • A maximum of 2 online video call sessions if needed. Additional sessions can be done but there will be an additional charge of R550.00 per session
Day Two

The second day of the workshop takes place about a month after the first.  The participants will have had time to apply the principles taught on Day One in real life situations. 

Day Two focuses on assisting the participants in this application and guiding them from a “real life” perspective.  It also includes an assessment of the participants ability to apply the principles and concepts.

Course Cost: R2,250.00 per person
First Course: 5 December 2021 in Johannesburg
This workshop is fully booked - please contact us below to be notified of future courses

Group discounts are applicable and can be negotiated